On Simplicity

May 7, 2008

A Simple Wardrobe Packed with Style

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As those who know me are aware, I’m a wannabe fashionista and always have been.  I mean, I’m the child who was copying Oscar de la Renta fashions for her paper dolls at three years old.  In fifth grade, I was convinced that lime green, red, and leopard were neutrals. However, being a simplifier as well, my fashion urges tend to get squashed, simply because I can’t stand to be fussy. Still, I love to stand out and this is my way of dressing in a way that’s fun for me while keeping the daily question of “what to wear” easy and straightforward.

Everyone’s got their own take on style, this is just one strategy: the solid color strategy.  It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: just about everything in my closet is a solid color.  Shirts, tops, blouses, pants, and jackets–they’re almost all in my favorite solid colors.  Why?

Because I can grab just about any two items, throw them together, and look cool.  I don’t fuss about finding a shirt to match the color of the flowers in a particular skirt, because that involves a significant time investment and commitment to doing laundry on a regular basis.  (I may do laundry, but I refuse to commit to it. )  And usually, I can look bright and energetic and stylish, just by mixing contrasting solids. Brown pants and red shirt: awesome.  Lime top with coral cartigan: awesome.  Orange skirt and maroon top? Surprisingly cool.

This doesn’t mean I don’t wear prints, because I do.  Nearly all of my dresses are bold graphic prints, as are a few of my skirts.  But once I realized that my closet was full of solid pieces (not on purpose, I just tend to buy what I like and it happened to play out that way), I knew why I was having fewer problems picking outfits than in the past.

For me, the trick to keeping it interested lies in bold color matches and fun accessories.  Choose pieces that you wouldn’t automatically pair, like different bright colors.  Also, this works way better if you layer tops and have mostly neutral bottoms.  When I do wear non-neutral bottoms, they’re usually still pretty subdued shades, like brown, maroon, navy, light yellow and rust.  As for accessories, go for the gusto.  Necklaces with large colored pendants, chunky turquoise, multicolored beads on metalllic chains, and oversized metallic chains are my favorites.  Look for pieces in your favorite colors (mine are lime, coral, blue, brown, an aqua) so that they’ll go with a range of pieces. Metallic shoes are also a great way to add punch to your non-print outfits.

Have fun mixing and matching–you’ll never have to work hard to stand out again.


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