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May 18, 2008

Stop and See the Cherry Tree

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It’s amazing how some things can stop us in our tracks.  These rarities can snap us back to reality or allow us dream for a short while. Anything that’s out of the ordinary can have this effect.  For me, that “thing” is the cherry tree in the backyard.

The cherry tree blooms for a very short period, often just a matter of weeks.  While it blooms, it’s a riot of beautiful color.  Once the blooms fall off, the tree looks like any other.  So, when that tree blooms, I know I’d better stop and take notice or risk missing out for the next 11 months.

The limited beauty of the cherry truly forces me to stop whatever I’m doing each time I pass by. Just stop. Take a good look, appreciate its beauty, and ponder how soon it will all be over.  It’s a bittersweet moment that has a way of putting other things in perspective.  Troubles, like these blooms, will soon pass and be forgotten.  Good times also are precious, and must be enjoyed while they last.

The cherry out back is also an incredible way to mark the time.  In the daily rush, it’s easy to go from December to May without blinking.  But with each spring, that precious cherry forces me to acknowledge another year gone by in a very organic way.  It’s a subtle warning: spring is here, it’s time to stop and enjoy it.  And I do.


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